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Product Description

Product information:
Bournvita Five Star Magic Pro-Health Drink is a Pro-Health chocolate drink to support growth and development of growing children.

Key ingredients of Bournvita Five Star Magic Pro-Health Drink:
Contains a blend of Protein, Carbohydrates, essential Vitamins and Minerals.

Key benefits/uses of Bournvita Five Star Magic Pro-Health Drink:
– Provides Calcium and Vitamin D which helps the child’s body to absorb the calcium in milk.
– Vitamin B9 and B12 are important for maintenance of healthy blood. They are required for multiplication and maturation of red blood cells.
– Iron is essential for the formation of haemoglobin of red blood cells and plays an important role in the transport of oxygen in the body.
– Vitamin B2 is required for release of energy from food and it’s important for iron metabolism.

Direction for use / Dosage:
– Add 2-heaped (20g) teaspoons of Bournvita to a cup of hot or cold milk and add sugar to taste.
– Take 2 servings daily as a part of balanced diet.

Safety information:
– Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
– Do not exceed the recommended dose.
– Close lid tightly immediately after use to avoid product hardening.
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